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Are you looking for a new wood pellet grill?

Brisk It’s wood pellet smart grills let you control your smoker’s cooking temperature from your phone. The Brisk It app allows you to monitor and adjust your grill’s temperature, set timers, and receive notifications about when it’s time to add more pellets. 

The best part of owning a Brisk It grill is the ability to blend the latest in smart grilling technology with delicious wood fired barbecue. We love grilling as much as anyone else does, but sometimes life gets in the way – work, family commitments, etc., so we designed our wood pellet grill with busy people like us in mind. Now there’s no need to constantly check your meat or worry about overcooking it! Smart means the grill does all the work for you!

Check out our smart grills and grill accessories below, and start cooking smarter, not harder!