What Makes Wood Pellet Grills Special?

What Makes Wood Pellet Grills Special?

By: Brisk It Culinary Team

With so many types of grills in the market, whether it be gas, electric, charcoal or wood pellet, choosing the best option can seem overwhelming. But what makes wood pellet grills so special? Wood pellets grills add a smoky wood-fired flavor to your food with minimal effort, which you typically cannot achieve with a traditional gas, electric, or charcoal grill. By using genuine wood pellets to produce heat and smoke in your grill, your food gets infused with all the great smoke flavors.


Wood-fired cooking is a versatile cooking method which uses wood to slow-cook, barbecue, braise, sear, and even bake. Whether you want to smoke a brisket, grill vegetables, sear a steak, or bake a pie, it can do it all on a single grill. The food is not directly exposed to the fire and cooks with indirect heat, which allows you to cook more food and larger quantities of meat for an extended period. Your Brisk It wood pellet grill will make you an amazing cook at home even if you are not an expert chef. 


Wood pellet grills make for great tasting meat, especially if you don’t want to man a fire in the wee hours of the morning. Wood pellets come in a wide variety of flavors such as hickory, oak, cherry, mesquite, and our Brisk It Signature blend. If the hopper is filled and the power doesn’t go out, you will know exactly what to expect when you wake up. 100% genuine wood pellets produce 100% of the heat and smoke. This means fuel efficient cooking, but most importantly, your food gets infused with all the great smoke flavors.


When you do not have all day to tend to a fire and babysit your food but still want that smoky wood-fired flavor, a wood pellet grill will be your best friend. Having a wood pellet grill means you could switch on your grill, load the hopper with pellets, set a timer or alert on your Brisk It mobile app for a target temperature, and simply place your food in the grill and wait. That’s all you need to do. So, get a full night’s rest in between or finish your 9 to 5 workday with delicious smoky food to look forward to. Wood pellet grills maintain a consistent and accurate temperature regardless of external elements such as weather, including cold winters and under sunlight. Adjusting your desired temperature is as easy as turning a dial and pressing a button, or even from your phone using the Brisk It mobile app.

For a hands-off approach and delicious food that requires minimal attention, a wood pellet grill is the perfect choice.